DraftSight 2018 SP0 su Ubuntu 17.10

Dassault Systèmes ha annunciato il rilascio di DraftSight 2018 SP0, la prima release della nuova versione 2018 di DraftSight.
Ecco le novità di questo rilascio (le funzionalità contrassegnate da un asterisco (*) sono quelle disponibili anche per la versione free):

New Commands:

  • Dimension Bounding Box commands. Lets you align dimensions of objects located within a Dimension Bounding Box along the box margins at defined offsets to let them appear in a uniform arrangement.
    • DimBoundingBox. Creates a dimension bounding box that encloses selected entities to align dimensions.
    • DelDimBoundingBox. Deletes unused Dimension Bounding Boxes.
    • AppendToDimBoundingBox. Adds entities to an existing Dimension Bounding Box and changes the extents of the bounding box.
    • RemoveFromDimBoundingBox. Removes entities from an existing Dimension Bounding Box and changes the extents of the bounding box.
    • UpdateDimBoundingBox. Manually updates Dimension Bounding Boxes.
Options to create, delete, append to, and update are available on editing contextual menu.
  • Block commands. More tools for Blocks and BlockAttributes.
    • RedefineBasePoint (*). Sets a new base point for a Block.
    • RemoveAttribute. Explodes Blocks with BlockAttribute and keeps attribute value as text.
  • Helix. Creates a 2D spiral or a 3D helix.
  • CurvedText. Places text along an arc. You can control the text direction and location, and modify the text format and style.
  • DGNAdjust. Adjusts the appearance of DGN Underlays against the graphics area background. You can adjust fade, contrast, and monochrome values.

New Features:

  • Placing dimensions automatically with dimension widgets. Dimension widgets let you place dimensions automatically along Dimension Bounding Boxes (a) aligned with other dimensions, (b) spaced from the existing dimensions, and (c) spaced with the predefined offset distances.
  • Quick Input methods. Quick Input provides a command entry interface near the cursor, so you can keep focus on geometry. The main elements of Quick Input are the tooltips near the cursor, which act as inputs for coordinates, distances, and angles.
  • Entity highlighting (*). Colored highlighting replaces legacy dashed-style highlighting. Entities are highlighted when you move the cursor over them (preselection highlight) or when you select them (selection highlight).
  • Arrow key nudging entities. You can use the Shift + Arrow keys to move selected entities according to a specified increment.
  • Clicking anywhere on a dimensions to re-position. Click anywhere on the dimension, then press and drag to re-position.
  • Hatch Layer (*). You can set a layer for hatches and gradient fills in the corresponding dialog box.
  • Copying entities to the active layer. During the Copy command, a new option lets you copy selected entities to the active layer instead of the source layer.
  • Pasting content from clipboard to the active layer. During the Paste command, an option lets you copy content from the clipboard to the active layer instead to the source layer.
  • Tool tip display over the status bar button (*). Add the appropriate “F” hot key as a part of the tool tip when mouse hovers over.
  • Print configuration manager improvement (*). Allow disassociation the link between the sheet name and print configuration name.
  • SmartDimension improvements (not available in Beta version):
    • Ability to select two entities (two circles, two parallel lines, a line and a circle) and add dimension between them.
    • Ability to select an EntitySnap point (for example, Endpoint, or Midpoint) when the cursor passes over a respective point.
  • G-code enhancements:
    • Rework the user interface to make it consistent with the Task Pane UI in DraftSight.
    • Optional comments at the top.
    • Line numbers option for beginning of each line.
    • Relative coordinates.
    • Program append capability.


  • API enhancements. Following are some enhancements to the API:
    • Provides an interface to copy entities from one document to another document.
    • Expands the Ecport and Prnt interfaces by providing additional options (e.g, papersize, printstyle table, etc..) to export (Printmanager and DocumentExporter).
    • Provide new interfaces to add, edit and remove layer states.
  • New project templates. Now ships with Visual Studio 2015 templates for C++, C# and VB.Net so that add-in developers can create new projects in Visual Studio 2015.

File Format:

  • Release 2018 can read DXF/DWG files up to the latest version of this format (R2018), and can write (save) files up to R2013 only

Potete scaricare DraftSight 2018 SP0 per Windows, macOS e Linux all'indirizzo https://www.3ds.com/products-services/draftsight-cad-software/free-download/