Buone notizie per tutti i possessori e fan di terminali dotati di Firefox OS
Mozilla, in concomitanza con il rilascio di Firefox 26, ha reso disponibile la versione 1.2 del suo sistema operativo per smartphone.
In attesa di scoprire quando avverrà l'update per l'Alcatel One Touch Fire venduto in Italia da TIM (che ne gestirà anche gli aggiornamenti da quel che si è capito) scopriamo insieme il corposo changelog di Firefox OS 1.2:

What’s new

  • Silent SMS to authenticate your device for mobile billing.
  • Press “call” once to show the last-dialed number.
  • Place calls via a BlueTooth headset button.
  • Create a conference call with up to 5 participants.
  • Export all your contacts to a USIM card.
  • Send and receive contacts as VCARDs via BlueTooth.
  • Export a contact as a VCARD to a media card.
  • CLIP and CLIR support.
  • Support for multi-resolution displays.
  • Notifications for new emails, with the ability to configure notification settings and the email sync interval. Notifications are grouped based on account. Clicking on an email notification launches the email app.
  • Attach and send audio and video files via email.
  • Share URLs from the Web browser through Web Activities.
  • Redesigned lock screen and incoming call screen.
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer have been added to the clock app.
  • View video file name, date, length, file size, video format, and resolution.
  • The status bar indicates when music or audio is playing. The current song and album art are now displayed in the utility tray for quick access.
  • Improved push notifications, with support for WAP 1.2.1 Push Access Protocol.
  • Ability to revoke or replace an issued notification.
  • Enabled Fixed Dialing Number mode.
  • Do Not Track three state setting now available.
  • Added support for AVRCP 1.0. 1.3, A2DP 1.2, and HFP 1.6 BlueTooth profiles.
  • Support for OMA client provisioning.
  • CDMA basic support pending OEM customizations.
  • IME framework for third party keyboards now supported in developer preview.
  • Several performance improvements in app launch latencies and scrolling.

Runtime market customizations by SIM

Within a single build, the following market customizations can be configured based on the network and country code of the SIM card:
  • Preloaded applications
  • Preloaded contacts
  • Support contacts
  • Cell broadcast settings
  • Preloaded bookmarks
  • Data settings
  • Messaging settings
  • A-GPS settings
  • Voicemail settings
  • Homescreen wallpapers

Notable bug fixes

See the complete list of bugs addressed in Firefox OS 1.2
  • 784816: Implement startTLS for MozTCPSocket
  • 791380: Need on-phone equivalent of about:crashes
  • 863932: Camera does not work from lockscreen with passcode
  • 894848: Microphone API
  • 901926: Email app stops working if attachment contains an IMAP literal
  • 904345: setting shows “Unknown SIM card state” after airplane mode on/off
  • 910697: FxOS shows up the previous keyboard layout before displaying the correct one.
  • 915081: The 2nd incoming call screen does not follow spec‘s UI definition.
  • 920722: Time zone area contains overlapping UI
  • 923208: Rebooting the phone with WiFi connected and then turning airplane mode on and off causes WiFi to break
  • 923718: No message indicating there is no matching results when linking contacts
  • 924694: The Select Contact and Add Contact screens do not display when user attempts to access them for a second time
  • 924971: Trying to add a contact as a recipient opens contact details instead of returning to Messages app.
  • 925055: The Music continues to play when the USB mode is enabled and phone is plugged in to computer
  • 925961: Receiver‘s email address displays as “null” after saving, editing, and then saving the draft again
  • 932914: Bluetooth name is erased when turning device OFF/ON
  • 934556: Homescreen app icons disappear after restart in landscape position
  • 935270: MMS has to be manually downloaded even though Auto-retrieve is enabled when using a roaming sim
  • 937205: Contact picture does not display after Linking and Favoriting a Facebook contact

Updated Web APIs

See a detailed list of Web API changes in Firefox OS 1.2 and read documentation for developers.
  • CSS
  • Media
  • DOM
  • Keyboard
  • Apps/General
  • RIL/Telephony
  • ICC
  • STK
  • MobileMessage
  • Telephony

Updated locales

  • Bengali
  • Bulgarian
  • French
  • Macedonian
  • Serbian Latin
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese