Nuovo rilascio di manutenzione per Calligra Suite che giunge così alla versione 2.5.2
Questo nuovo rilascio va a correggere alcuni bug scovati nel frattempo.
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Here is an overview of the most important fixes that are in 2.5.2. There are several others that are not mentioned here:


  • Fixed bug that prevented plugins from showing on Settings->Configure Sheets…->Plugins page (bug 291343).)


  • Fixed display of shapes in the document docker.
  • Fix unwanted offset after cancel slideshow (bug 306118)


  • Fixed bug in Query Designer: removed SQL Editor’s history as it was not functional (bug 306145)
  • Make string concatenation operator || work in Query Designer (bug 305793)
  • Startup GUI: fetch startup UI definition from x.y.0 URL for any x.y.z version, not from x.y.z URL
  • Buildsystem: make it possible to disable database drivers even if their dependencies are present and found (wish 305683)
  • Fix resizing of horizontal and vertical lines (bug 306133).
  • Fix reordering of shapes (bug 306309)
  • Fix some icons for the formula shape.
  • Trigger repaint of the picture shape after insertion (bug 305548)
  • Fix some corner cases when loading borders.
Calligra 2.5.2 sarà disponibile a breve (manutentori permettendo) nei repository delle singole distro.