Ecco arrivare l'aggiornamento della controparte KDE del popolare set di icone AwOken rilasciato ieri.
kAwOken 1.2 porta con se un nuovo set di icone per KDE dalle tonalità azzurre pensato appositamente per integrarsi al meglio nel DE del drago. Il set di cartelle è  Anche in questo caso l'aggiornamento, fra le altre cose, aggiunge il supporto a Kubuntu Precise Pangolin del PPA specifico per Kubuntu e derivate.
Ma vediamo il changelog completo di kAwOken 1.2

  • Added AWOKEN folders! Now the set is integrated with the most cool and stylish folders ever!

  • Drastic revision of mimetypes: now they use a different template icon (modified from Elementary icon set), and they're more refined in 24x24 version!

  • Most of the 22x22 actions icons that have characterized the latest versions have been brought to 24x24px and 128x128px resolutions. So the iconset become cleaner, cooler and more integrated! Consequently, also some status icons are changed.

  • Mail icons redrawed (both in bigger and in lower resolution). Now your favourite email client's toolbar (except thunderbird) works like a charm!

  • Added ppa for precise.

  • Drastic revision of the colorization script: now is faster, cleaner and supports parallel processing. This lead to a serious improvement on latest multi-core machines, but also on elder computers. Another big improvement is related to the fact that is now accepting RGB colors instead of CMY colors!

  • Revision of the Installation and Instructions PDF file.

  • Removed gedit choice from the customization script (it's useless having the possibility to change only one icon!).

  • Removed some folder sub-types, since the iconset is became too big. They are classy-yellow, classy-carboard, classy-white, classy-black. For the same reason, removed (from other folder types) folder-joomla, folder-wip, folder-science2, folder-windows, folder-apple, folder-ffw, folder-byte, folder-cd, folder-fonts, folder-linux1, folder-linux2, folder-public, folder-important.

  • Application added (or redrawed): accessories-text-editor-symbolic, document-open-symbolic, network-wired-disconnected, ubuntuone emblems, gtk-zoom-100 in 22x22px, jdownloader, gwibber, mail-message-new, mail-forward, mail-outbox, mail-mark-important (-junk, -notjunk, -unread, -spam), mail-reply, mail-reply-all, mail-move, edit-delete-mail, extract-archive, add-files-to-archive, add-folder-to-archive, gnome-pie, gelemental, luminance-hdr, application-x-mint, grooveshark, mintinstall, addressbook icons, call-start, call-stop, fillmore, gpick, gftp, batti, marlin, kompozer, preferences-desktop, preferences-system, preferences-desktop-personal, mime for video, midori, djvulibre, plank, fontforge, ffanvil, general settings icons, kupfer, acetoneiso, videoporama, beatbox, nvclock, cryptkeeper, bino, isomaster (I hope), gpixpod, graveman, gshutdown, ogmrip, billardgl, foobillard, fedora live usb, mp3-splt-gtk, yarock, scim-setup, application-fonts, mono-runtime, gnome-settings-default-applications, nitrogen, musique

  • Application added (or redrawed) specifically for KDE version: application-x-tarz, imagewriter, script-error, code-context, edit-link, view-group, edit-select, select-rectangular, zoom-select, insert-text, select\_rectangular, run-build-install-root

Come detto su kAwOken 1.2 può essere installato su Kubuntu e derivate grazie al seguente PPA.
Per aggiungere il PPA basta aprire il terminale e digitare

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alecive/antigone

Ora non vi resta che aggiornare dando

sudo apt-get update

ed infine installare il tutto con

sudo apt-get install kawoken-icon-theme

Per personalizzare il set di icone basterà lanciare, sempre da terminale il comando


Per le altre distro basta seguire le info presenti sulla pagina ufficiale delle icone.