In un post appena pubblicato sul blog dedicato alle novità dal team di Linux Mint, Clem, fra le tante cose, ha fatto il punto sui bug corretti e le migliorie apportate a Linux Mint 12 in questi giorni che ci separano dal precedente rilascio della release candidate alla versione stabile.
Vediamo dunque quali sono:
  • apturl is now fully functional
  • adding PPA repositories was fixed
  • MATE received a critical update to mate-session-manager (this bug prevented MATE to be started from the login screen for i386 users)
  • mintMenu was ported to MATE
  • packages now open with gdebi
  • mgse-menu received keyboard navigation and multiple bug fixes
  • mgse-windowlist was given a brand new look and now looks extremely similar to the Gnome 2 window list
  • mgse-bottompanel now makes it possible to switch between workspaces using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys
  • Mint-Z now features silver-looking bottom panels, menu and window list which look similar to Mint 11, as well as a new theme called Mint-Z-Dark which features black components and looks like an improvement of the MGSE desktop from the RC release.
  • The ability to open directories as root was added to Gnome 3
Non ci resta dunque che attendere la release finale :)