Lo Zeitgeist Team ha rilasciato Zeitgeist 0.5.1
Il download è disponibile al seguente link. Ecco il changelog

2010-09-07: Zeitgeist 0.5.1 "Spongebob is not funny"
 - FindEvent*: Event subjects are now joined by a logical AND instead of OR
 (LP: #592599).
 - Extensions found in the extensions directory are now automatically loaded.
 - Install a .pc file so out of tree extensions can figure out the install path.
 - Load extensions found in ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/extensions.
 - Let the GtkRecentlyUsed data-source ignore any exceptions while trying to
 parse .desktop files (LP: #523761).
 - Fix return value of the SetDataSourceEnabled D-Bus method.
 - Extensions: Hooks have been renamed and most of them now have pre and post
 variants (LP: #592599, #604747).
 - Add new ResultTypes for sorting by subject origin
 - Change the hooks API for the Extension class to use pre_* and post* hooks
 to make it clearer when they are run. This change also brings in a few
 new hooks.
Python API:
 - ZeitgeistDBusInterface.get_extension is no longer a classmethod (in fact,
 it never really was).
 - ZeitgeistDBusInterface.get_extension now has a third optional parameter to
 change the bus name.
 - Build system fixes (LP: #595577).
 - Manpage updates.
 - Translation updates.