L'Opera Desktop Team annuncia l'uscita di una nuova build in sviluppo della prossima incarnazione di Opera e precisamente la Opera 10.70 (il nome della versione è solo indicativo e potrebbe subire aggiornamenti). Questa nuova release rappresenta il nuovo ramo di sviluppo di Opera e introduce modifiche al motore Presto.

Ecco il changelog di versione
  • DSK-236194 (yahoo.cn mailproviders SMTP entry does not use submission port)
  • DSK-265492 (Sender name in mail view area is taken from contact list rather than the From header)
  • DSK-271885 (Tracking of which of the default Speed Dials are removed)
  • DSK-286882 (Show Properties dialog and informational message when trying to bookmark page that is already bookmarked)
  • DSK-290437 (No error message on widget installation customization dialog if widget name is too long)
  • DSK-292617 (HTML5 Video stops playing after right clicking and saving file to local disk)
  • DSK-294443 (In Mail Tab, when i cliking on any folder - incoming or sent - Opera crashes)
  • DSK-298929 (Zoom menu appears too high on the screen when enabling the menu bar)
  • DSK-300559 (Opera freezes when you try to change the URL while viewing a PDF having start bar enabled)
  • DSK-301560 (opera:help not in auto-complete list)
  • DSK-302065 (The "Searches" string in Opera Link is confusing)
  • DSK-303021 (Crash on page with certificate)
  • DSK-303102 (No bookmarks shown in bookmarks manager after restart)
  • DSK-303210 (Cannot clear previous search from drop-down menu)
  • DSK-303369 (Vertical scrollbar in advanced preferences due to new local storage section)
  • DSK-304060 (Crash when adding a contact to the personal bar)
  • DSK-304177 (No tooltips when hovering Speed Dials)
  • DSK-304377 (Crash when downloading files from Links panel)
  • DSK-304435 (wrong ID for Teszvesz search in Hungarian search.ini)
  • DSK-304463 (Search URL for Taobao is wrong)
  • DSK-304540 (Yandex search suggestions don't work)
  • DSK-307168 (Tooltip string when the turbo button is disabled)
  • DSK-308559 (hotmail.co.uk should be added to mailproviders.xml)
  • DSK-308722 (FastMail domains missing from mailproviders.xml)

  • DSK-302708 (Downloading Voice with MemGuard causes Opera to crash)
  • DSK-306318 (Voice download dialog goes behind the preference dialog)
  • DSK-306319 (Opera initiates multiple voice plug-in downloads)

  • DSK-273098 (Dropping .webloc or links on crash dialog crashes Opera)
  • DSK-287896 (Crash/freeze when closing tab with "Save" dialog open)
  • DSK-293917 (Modal dialog hides below browser if opera is clicked)
  • DSK-304367 (Crash on start-up when starting with URL from Terminal)
  • DSK-305708 (Crashes when playing audio files)
  • DSK-301071 (Ever-growing memory consumption when hovering over thumbnails)
Ecco invece i link per scaricare la nuova versione a seconda del vostro sistema operativo.