Il Desktop Team di Opera continua lo sviluppo del suo browser anche in questi caldi mesi estivi. È stata rilasciata la versione 10.61 release candidate (RC1) di Opera.

Ecco il changelog
  • CORE-29377 (In some cases widgets don't run)
  • CORE-29887 (Crash on
  • CORE-30690 (Setting onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected)
  • CORE-31141 (Opera treats binary files as plain text (opening it in the browser instead of showing download dialog))
  • CORE-31269 (Crash on Canvas demo)
  • CORE-31379 (Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page)
  • CORE-31426 (Widgets don't have access to network after restart)


  • DSK-298346 (Start Bar blanked out after opening background tab)
  • DSK-307788 (Relative paths in Filename setting for Speed Dial background doesn't work)
  • DSK-307987 (Rename "Fraud Protection" to "Fraud and Malware Protection")
  • Numerous crash and stablity fixes

Linux and FreeBSD

  • CORE-30804 (Common plugin crash)
  • DSK-258729 (Linux Special Web Keys Do Not Work (XF86Back/XF86Forward))
  • DSK-275098 (double click popup menu does not go away)
  • DSK-276410 (Popup menus are poorly styled in KDE)
  • DSK-280594 (Checkmarks and Radio buttons (Option marks) in menus look different from native)
  • DSK-287681 (Can't right-click in Bookmarks menu under UNIX)
  • DSK-288406 (Menu seperators are the wrong colour)
  • DSK-291882 (Widget installed globally does not appear in widgets panel)
  • DSK-292229 (Lines painted on top of scrolled area)
  • DSK-294121 (Page scrolls up when moving scrollbar knob and styles using double arrows are used (plastique, Polyester, oxygen, qtcurve))
  • DSK-297393 (Tab cycler too high when menu bar is enabled)
  • DSK-297409 (Cannot type in Cyrillic with Ukranian or Bulgarian keyboard layout and ru_UA.utf8 or bg_BG.utf8 locale on Ubuntu)
  • DSK-297648 (Package installer description needs corrections)
  • DSK-301066 (Keyboard shortcuts with Dvorak layout use qwerty layout)
  • DSK-302055 (Many preference dialogs can be opened for widget on Linux)
  • DSK-302682 (Menus and submenus are opened and closed all too fast)
  • DSK-303089 (Scrollbar doesn't reach all the way to the top and bottom in certain GTK styles)
  • DSK-303588 (Difficult to create new lines with scim)
  • DSK-303809 (IME characters not highlighted during conversion)
  • DSK-304242 (If you have compositing enabled and use a skin with transparency the speed dial will look ugly)
  • DSK-304646 (Missing translation in Widget installer)
  • DSK-305044 (Opera crashes in download dialog when trying to chose the application to open a downloaded file with)
  • DSK-306342 (Checkmark in checkbox is not centered in x11 mode)
  • DSK-306398 (Crash when saving certain files or starting a torrent)
  • DSK-307119 (Status bar doesn't appear)
  • DSK-307173 (Crash when drag/dropping link)
  • DSK-307226 (Scrollbar has wrong background color for some GTK themes)
  • DSK-307332 (Scrollbar button corners should be rounded for some GTK themes)
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