Direttamente dalla mailing list di Lubuntu è trapelata la proposta di Julien Lavergne per la roadmap di Lubuntu 10.10

This is a proposal for the schedule of Lubuntu 10.10. It's based on the
Ubuntu one, with some additions :

- June 3rd : Alpha 1
- June 24th : End of proposal for major seed modification (default app)
- July 1st : Alpha 2
- July 29th : End of proposal for Artwork
- August 5th : Alpha 3
- August 12th : Feature Freeze (no more feature/new versions included)
- August 26th : Artwork and UserInterface Freeze (no artwork changes) 
- September 2nd : Beta
- September 16th : Final Freeze
- September 30th : RC*
- October 10th : Final Release*

* It supposed that the final release is build on Ubuntu infrastructure.
Otherwise, it will be a Beta 2 instead of RC, and a final beta for the
final release.

Feel free to discuss, add any comments, or feedbacks. If you think I
forgot some dates, speak now :-)

Best regards,
Julien Lavergne

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