Rilasciato DraftSight 2018 SP1: bugfix e aggiunta del supporto a macOS High Sierra

Dassault Systèmes ha annunciato il rilascio di DraftSight 2018 SP1, il primo service pack per DraftSight 2018, il suo CAD 2D gratuito e multi piattaforma. Questa nuova minor si concentra soltanto sulla correzione di errori, l'unica nuova feature è l'aggiunta del supporto a macOS High Sierra.
Di seguito trovate il changelog completo:

  • 1059878 - DraftSight for Mac (beta) => Support new Mac OS High Sierra. 
  • 1057953 - Fixes a script failing issue where the PrintOut Method (IPrintManager) throws up an exception. 
  • 1053377 - Rectifies the error 404 page not found problem when clicking on the 'Renew DraftSight Professional…' command under the Help menu. 
  • 1049317 - Removes irrelevant texts in Help documentation on Centerlines option 'Keep extension constant in Viewports' as such option is unavailable. 
  • 1047434 - Creates a new icon for the 'Paste to Active Layer' command. 
  • 1044816 - Fixes the issue where the Modify > Scale operation using the Points option no longer works. 
  • 1044738 - Corrects the behavior when editing Note with In-Place Editor if deleting texts and hitting the Esc key the dialog box to save text changes did not show up. 
  • 1044505 - Improves the Czech translation of some words in dialog boxes. 
  • 1041540 - Fixes the issue where the LineStyle of the layer mapped to DraftSight entity type (Toolbox > Setting) is changed unexpectedly to another LineStyle after close and reopen the file. 
  • 1041102 - Rectifies the PDF output with missing table when printing an inserted OLE object from Microsoft Excel using Print > PDF (Print/Plotter). 
  • 1036740 - Adds ability to the command –REFERENCEs by allowing it to select references in drawing graphics area. 
  • 1035789 - Fixes the problem where dimensions in copied sheets are linked to the original sheets causing if changing dimensions in original sheets it also reflected unexpectedly in copied sheets. 
  • 1033375 - Corrects a problem where DraftSight Free version activation remains in loop after clicking 'Activate'. 
  • 1030307 - Enhances robustness when creating circle with Tangent, Tangent, Tangent (_TTT) option. 
  • 1002542 - Adds ability to pin an item to Recent Documents list. 
  • 987147 - Improves result for command variable GETACTTAB. 
  • 961512 - Fixes an 'Out of Memory error' on Mac OS X 10.11 (EI Captain) causing DraftSight to freeze up. 
  • 951450 - Fixes a Mac OS X memory leak issue causing some machines to hang. 
  • 639641 - Corrects the behavior of Modify > Split at point when repeated using Repeat SPLIT.
Potete scaricare DraftSight 2018 SP1 per Windows, macOS e Linux all'indirizzo

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