Quelli di SUSE ci hanno abituato, nel corso degli ultimi anni, a diverse cover ispirate a successi della musica internazionale con i testi opportunamente modificati a tema SUSE e open source.
Quest'oggi hanno presentato la loro nuova cover chiamata "Code Together" che, come lascia presagire il nome, è una parodia di "Come Together".

Di seguito trovate le info sui musicisti e il testo della canzone.

"Code Together" music video (parody of "Come Together") from those lovely Open Source nerds at SUSE.

Here come Chameleon
He see stereoscopic
He got open source code
He one holy coder
He got a tail down below his knees
Administers his systems
Man, it feels like a breeze

He got no lock-in
He got open stack cloud
He got mainframe linux
He use YaST and Kiwi
He say I know Perl, you know Ruby
One thing I can tell you is
You got to be Free
Code together, right now
We’re all free

He’s in production
He got massive up time
He use open standards
He one elite hacker
He got software defined storage
According to top, yeah,
You got so much RAM free
Code together, right now
We’re all free

He on the mainframe
He got desktop powers
He rules Top 500
He one real bad mother
He say one and one is seventeen
Got to be good looking
Cause he’s so good with C
Code together, right now
We’re all free

Code together, yeah
Code together, yeah


The Band:
Vocals – Tony Oros
Lead Guitar – BJ Parker
Drums – Jeff Price (SUSE Consulting Engineer)
Bass Guitar – Sean Rickerd (SUSE Technical Sales Specialist)

Director/Producer – Russ Dastrup
Filmed by – Russ Dastrup, John Ross Wilson, Scott Dastrup
Edited by – Russ Dastrup
After Effects - Scott Dastrup
Lyrics by – Bryan Lunduke
Lighting – Phil Shepherd
Production Assistant – Kevin Maynard
Photography – Jane Groom
Chameleon – Scott Dastrup
Recorded and filmed on location at June Audio – Provo Utah
Sound Engineering – Scott Wiley and team at June Audio