Dopo cinque mesi dalla precedente release il team di MATE ha annunciato il rilascio di MATE 1.12
Le novità principali di MATE 1.12 sono:
  • Correzioni e miglioramenti per il supporto GTK3 di tutto il desktop MATE. Il supporto include anche le GTK 3.18
  • Il supporto al touchpad è notevolmente migliorato e ora dispone del supporto al multi touch e al natural scrolling
  • Migliorato il supporto al multi monitor con l'aggiunta della visualizzazione dei nomi delle periferiche d'uscita
  • Il power applet può ora mostrare informazioni sui nomi dei device in modo da poter distingue tra più dispositivi connessi (informazioni sullo stato della batteria del mouse senza fili etc)
  • Migliorata la gestione della sessione che ora è in grado di inibire lo screensaver se stiamo riproducendo un contenuto multimediale
  • Esteso il supporto a systemd
  • Corretti bug e migliorata l'usabilità: ad esempio ora le applet del pannello non vengono riordinate quando si cambia la risoluzione dello schermo
  • Aggiornate le traduzioni
  • Cessato il supporto per win32 e osx.

Di seguito il changelog completo


Here is a more detailed break down of what has changed.


  • Support lcov 1.12
  • Update documentation and examples


  • Require dconf 0.13.4 and xrandr 1.3
  • Add gsettings key to toggle overlay scrolling in GTK+3
  • Add some icons to fix missing icons in GTK+3 with custom icon theme
  • Mouse schema: enable middle-click emulation by default
  • RR: implement missing mate_rr_output_get_possible_crtcs function
  • RR: fix laptop identification by output name
  • RR: show output name in addition to display name
  • Moved docbook user guide to a separate project
  • Dropped dependency on yelp (not needed after moving user guide)


  • Add GObject introspection
  • Layout view/print dialog: remove useless Help button
  • Layout view/print dialog: some UI fixes


  • oss: Only use modify counter for polling on Linux, it is broken on BSDs
  • alsa: Fix FTBFS with old versions of ALSA
  • alsa: Fix fade


  • Location updates for timezones


  • Don’t build a pkgconfig file


  • Connect to server dialog: add support for AFP
  • Improve multi-monitor support


  • Add support for GTK3 application indicators.


  • Add manual and by-pointer window placement
  • Use Alt-` for switching between windows of the same application


  • Add new keybinding for logout (empty by default)
  • Touchpad settings: added support for natural scrolling, 2 finger and 3 finger clicks
  • Mouse: use syndaemon -K to ignore Ctrl+C and other combos
  • GTK+3: make xrandr tray applet support custom panel themes


  • Add support for an optional dock, such as Plank
  • Add support for new libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login
  • Only wait 1 second max on logout/shutdown
  • Turn GTK+3 overlay scrolling on/off on start using new gsettings key


  • Use pkg-config to check for python (requires python 2.7)


  • Require xrandr 1.3
  • Add option to enable/disable week numbers in calendar
  • Fix positions of locked applets on screen resolution change
  • GTK+3: add a style class for applets to follow panel-menu-bar


  • GTK3 all themes: style volume/brightness applet slider
  • Assorted improvements and refinements for all themes, in particular for GTK 3.18.


  • Fix height and visibility of themes in gtk3
  • Multiple theme fixes


  • Appearance: restored Interface tab
  • Display: added support to set the primary monitor
  • Display: show output names in addition to display names
  • Keybindings: added keybinding for logout
  • Touchpad settings: add option to enable/disable touchpad
  • Touchpad settings: added support for natural scrolling, 2 finger and 3 finger clicks
  • Improved categorization
  • GTK+3: fix font rendering in Appearance and mate-font-viewer


  • Add support for libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login support.
  • Don’t fade to black when locking the screen
  • Fix systemd event handling


  • Multiple fixes in manpages
  • GTK+3: add style classes for slider and menu for volume-applet
  • GTK+3: fix missing icons with custom icon theme


  • Require xrandr 1.3
  • Show vendor/model information for devices
  • Fix backlight adjustment on Macbook Pro
  • GTK+3: support custom themes
  • GTK+3: fix brightness applet behavior


  • SysInfo: add proper detection for Linux Mint and LMDE
  • SysInfo: let distributions define custom side image
  • Interface: add border to notebook
  • Add support for libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login support
  • Support build with C++11
  • Drop useless dependency on mate-icon-theme
  • Drop C89 support


  • Drop support for win32osx and hildon
  • Drop useless mate-icon-theme dependency
  • Drop embedded MathJax in favor of using a distribution packaged version
  • Make smclient mandatory


  • Some string fixes


  • Fix ngettext usage in progress dialog
  • Make extracting multiple archives to a separate dir actually work
  • Fixed overwrite check when the files to be extracted are inside a folder

Eye of MATE

  • Assorted bug fixes.


  • Accessx-status, geyes: have applet background automatically painted
  • Cpufreq: make cpupower the default library
  • Drop useless dependency on mate-icon-theme
  • GTK+3: fix missing icons with custom icon theme
  • GTK+3: make cpufreq, charpick and drivemount support custom panel themes


  • Window Picker Applet: have background automatically painted


  • Have applet background automatically painted
  • Add silent rules


  • Add support for nvidia thermal and cooler sensors (requires libxnvctrl >= 256.25)
  • Add mbmon plugin
  • Make udisks plugin poll for new value


  • Fix —tab option that has been broken in 1.10.0
  • Enable silent rules by default
  • Drop support for win32 and osx


  • Drop useless dependency on dbus-1
  • Drop Apache 2.0 support


  • Add application icon to mate-system-log
  • Add timestamp instead of window name to screenshot filenames by default
  • Have dictionary applet background automatically painted
  • Translation fixes for gsettings schemas


  • Enable startup notification
  • Add silent rules


  • Add --enable-tests option to enable/disable running tests during the build
  • Add plugin to strip trailing spaces on saving
  • Bring back active plugins listing in bugreport script
  • Drop support for win32 and osx and the checkupdate plugin
  • Capitalize Pluma in window titles and desktop file
  • GTK3. fix print-preview
  • Some annotation fixes


  • Adjust the default caja extensions dir
  • Include in tarball