Martin Wimpress ha annunciato il rilascio della prima beta di Ubuntu MATE 15.10, la prossima release di Ubuntu MATE che verrà rilasciata in forma stabile ad Ottobre 2015.
Fra le principali novità di questa versione vi è finalmente l'arrivo di buona parte di MATE 1.10 (ovviamente nella stabile troveremo tutto il sistema aggiornato, attualmente mancano le versioni aggiornate di atril, mate-panel, mate-control-center, mate-power-manager, engrampa, mate-applets, mate-icon-theme-faenza, mate-sensors-applet, mate-user-share), Ubuntu MATE Welcome 1.0.3 che amplia i programmi installabili e si arricchisce di nuove funzionalità e Ubuntu MATE Tweak 3.5.2 che aggiunge due nuove layout (quello di Fedora e quello di Mageia).
Ma vediamo nel dettaglio quali sono l principali novità rispetto alla Alpha 2 (mi scuso con i lettori per aver lasciato il changelog completo in lingua inglese, prometto di tradurlo quanto prima):
  • Updated to MATE 1.10 (mostly).
    • Caja now has an extension manager so plugins can be enabled/disabled at run-time.
    • A new audio mixer library, libmatemixer, has been introduced.
    • Provides an abstract API allowing access to mixer functionality available in the PulseAudio, ALSA and OSS sound systems.
    • Improved multi-monitor support.
    • Theme support has been expanded including Client Side Decorations (CSD) and pop-overs.
    • Full help and documentation is now available.
    • Static code analysis has resulted in many memory leaks being plugged.
    • Lots of bugs fixes. Really, lots.
    • For more details see the MATE 1.10 Release Notes.
  • Updated Ubuntu MATE Welcome 1.0.3.
    • Renamed to Welcome.
    • Added splash animation and transitions. Thanks to Luke Horwell.
    • Added and updated the content for Introduction and Features. Thanks to Larry Bushey of Going Linux podcast.
    • Added access to backup, firewall and user manager to Getting Started.
    • Added catgories to the Software page.
    • Added a proprietary software toggle to the Software page.
    • Added new applications to the Software page.
    • App Grid.
    • Chromium as an alternative to Google Chrome.
    • Disks.
    • Hardinfo.
    • SpiderOakONE.
    • Ubuntu Software Centre.
    • VeraCrypt.
    • Update buttons in Software to make them consistent.
    • Hide some elements when in a live session.
  • Updated MATE Tweak 3.5.2
    • Added support for Fedora and Mageia panel layout.
    • Update xcursor icon-theme when switching Window Manager to preserve MATE xcursor preferences.
    • Ported to Python 3.
  • Added Deja Dup integration to Caja filemanager. Thanks to Marcos Costales.
    • Deja Dup now has ful content menu control in the Caja file manager.
  • Fixed unlocking a locked screen.

How complete is MATE 1.10?

We're not quite there yet. Here is the list of MATE packages that have not yet been updated to MATE 1.10.
  • atril
  • mate-panel
  • mate-control-center
  • mate-power-manager
  • engrampa
  • mate-applets
  • mate-icon-theme-faenza
  • mate-sensors-applet
  • mate-user-share
Per tutti coloro i quali fossero interessati a testing della distro è possibile scaricare Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 1 all'indirizzo