Apprendiamo in un commento postato dal papà di Linux Mint Clement Lefebvre che Linux Mint 17, prevista in uscita per Maggio, utilizzerà la stessa base LTS delle prossime 3 release.
Nello specifico la versione utilizzata sarà Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

La mossa del team di sviluppo di Mint dimostra che si preferisce dare stabilità alla distro per potersi concentrare sullo sviluppo di MATE, Cinammon e sui Mint Tools.
Per la precisione è stato specificato che 4 rilasci di Linux Mint condivideranno la stessa base LTS che cambierà quindi ogni 2 anni.
potete trovare qui il post, e, poichè è abbastanza lungo postiamo il commento di Clem:
The decision wasn’t made yet, and after/if it is made we can always adapt it based on how things go. The length of the support is an element but it’s not the most important one at play. There’s also an element of quality and a wish to run mature and proven software rather than to jump on brand new frameworks, techs and toolkits every 6 months. And then there’s the fact that we want to develop more. We want to push innovation on Cinnamon, be more active in the development of MATE, better support Mint tools and engage in projects we’ve postponed for years. So the idea is to boost all that by only adapting to new bases once every 2 years, to better commit to that one base shared by all releases and to better support it, and to have our hands freed to do exciting stuff. Note that all will become important post-Qiana though, around November 2014