L'impero Lubuntu cerca te!
Il team di Lubuntu ha pubblicato su Google+ una ricerca di aiuto destinata a tutti i volontari seriamente intenzionati a contribuire allo sviluppo della distro.
I'm not going to waste your time so please, do not waste my time :)

IF you are willing to contribute and help (Devs,Testing, Doc and Wiki, Translation, Artwork, Spreading the word, etc) ... PLEASE PM me :)

IF you are willing JUST TO LEARN without any contribution, I'm really sorry, we don't have the time nor the manpower to do this right now. HOWEVER, I'd strongly recommend (if you really really want to learn) to start TESTING the system. You will learn how the system is working and you will learn more about it. By doing that, you will gain the skills and experience so you can get started after that. We do have a testing team which can help you with your testing. It is a great chance, trust me.

IF you are not interested whatsoever, then just ignore this comment.

Thank you so much!

You do not have to spend so many hours contributing to Lubuntu. This is something totally up to you. Some of you are here, helping others. That is a contribution and we do appreciate it.
Lubuntu cerca sviluppatori, traduttori, tester, divulgatori, addetti al wiki e alla documentazione. Insomma, varie figure interessate a contribuire in maniera attiva alla distro. Siete interessati?
Scusate, ogni volta che leggo developers non resisto e devo postarlo