A distanza di un giorno dal rilascio di Ubuntu 12.10 e famiglia ecco arrivare l'altra derivata (abbastanza) ufficiale ovvero Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10.
Questa derivata di Ubuntu è basata interamente su GNOME Shell e installandola potrete godere di una esperienza utente completamente gnomecenterica. Ideale per tutti gli utenti che amano Ubuntu e GNOME ma che al contempo odiano Unity.
Ma vediamo cosa c'è in Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10
  • The Ubuntu GNOME Remix ships with GNOME 3.6. Please see the GNOME Release Notes to see what's new in 3.6.
  • GNOME Shell 3.6.1 and GDM 3.6.1. Among other improvements, the login and lock screen have been redesigned.
  • Web (epiphany-browser).
  • Abiword for word processing and Gnumeric for spreadsheets.
  • Evolution as email client.
  • Software (gnome-package-kit), which also includes its own update manager. You can install updates by opening Software and clicking Check for Updates in the Software app menu.
  • GNOME Classic (gnome-panel 3) is included but GNOME Shell is the default session if your hardware supports it.
  • Tweak Tool and dconf Editor are provided for customizing advanced settings.
  • Cheese is a fun webcam app.
  • Gwibber allows you to easily connect via social media.
  • The complete GNOME Games collection.
  • Rhythmbox is the default music player.
  • Shotwell is the default photo manager.
  • Useful utilities like Simple Scan and Transmission. 
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