Nuove versioni per Cinnamon e Nemo, che si aggiornano a pochi giorni dal precedente rilascio. Anche in questo caso si tratta di rilasci di manutenzione.
Ma vediamo le novità.

Cinnamon 1.6.3 va a correggere i seguenti problemi:
  • Accessibility: Magnifier now displays context menus correctly
  • Windows management: When a window requires attention (typically, when you open a file with an editor that is located on another workspace), Cinnamon moves to that workspace by default rather than bringing the window to you. This behaviour is also configurable in Cinnamon Settings -> Windows.
  • Menu: Items from sub-categories are now displayed
  • Menu: Searches now apply to menu item ids (i.e. the name of the .desktop file)
  • Settings: Made keybindings page compatible with non-Ubuntu based distributions
  • Updated translations
Nemo 1.0.5 questo rilascio va a fixare dei problemi con l'impacchettamento per Debian:
  • Fixed compilation of nemo-wallpaper extension
  • libnemo-extension1a was removed
  • libnemo-extension1 now provides/replaces/breaks libnemo-extension1a (this ensures a smoother upgrade for people using nemo extensions)
  • Reverted to debhelper 8 (to be able to build nemo on Debian Squeeze)
  • Re-enabled parallel builds
If you’re not building Nemo yourself or you’re building it on a non-Debian system, please feel free to ignore this release.