Si avvicina a grandi passi il rilascio della versione stabile di KDE 4.9. Quest'oggi il team di KDE ha annunciato il rilascio di KDE 4.9 RC1 ovvero la prima release candidate del ramo 4.9

Il lavoro del team di sviluppo sarà ora concentrato sulla correzione di BUG e la rifinitura sia delle vecchie feature che delle nuove.
Ricordiamo cosa c'è di nuovo in KDE 4.9
  • Qt Quick in Plasma Workspaces -- Qt Quick is continuing to make its way into the Plasma Workspaces, the Qt Quick Plasma Components, which have been introduced with 4.8, mature further. Additional integration of various KDE APIs was added through new modules. More parts of Plasma Desktop have been ported to QML. While preserving their functionality, the Qt Quick replacements of common plasmoids are visually more attractive, easier to enhance and extend and behave better on touchscreens.
  • The Dolphin file manager has improved its display and sorting and searching based on metadata. Files can now be renamed inline, giving a smoother user experience.
  • Deeper integration of Activities for files, windows and other resources: Users can now more easily associate files and windows with an Activity, and enjoy a more properly organized workspace. Folderview can now show files related to an Activity, making it easier to organize files into meaningful contexts.
  • Many performance improvements and bugfixes improve the overall user experience, making the KDE Applications and Workspaces more productive and fun to use than ever before. 
KDE 4.9 RC1 sarà disponibile a breve sulle vostre distro e come sempre la prima a beneficiare del nuovo rilascio sarà Archlinux (sigh).