Nuovo aggiornamento per DraftSight, il CAD 2D gratuito per Windows, Mac e GNU/Linux, aggiornamento che non introduce particolari novità ma che comunque è segno che il progetto continua a vele spiegate.
Ma vediamo cosa c'è di nuovo 
  1. Fields - A field is updatable text that is set up to display data that may change during the life cycle of the drawing.
  2. Enhanced Layer Filters.
  3. New APIs (application programming interfaces) for accessing the application, creating regions, and accessing printing functions with the DraftSight Premium Pack for enterprises or educational institutions. The Premium Pack is an affordable technical support and services package designed to help manage CAD requirements by providing support with software deployment, customization, and integration.
  4. New ePDM connector for customers that have invested in the DraftSight Premium Pack or ePDM.
DraftSight V1R2.0 può essere scaricato come sempre all'indirizzo