Prima release alpha per Turpial 2.0 (il numero formale è 1.7.6), il popolare cliet twitter al cui sviluppo collabora il nostro Andrea Stagi (qui trovate l'intervista).
Questa nuova versione porta con se molte nuove funzionalità importanti.
  • Improved URL detection
  • Embedded profiles and images visualization
  • Advanced options in preferences dialog
  • Improved look & feel (using Webkit)
  • Broadcasting messages
  • Dialog to send DMs
  • Undo feature support (ctlr + z)
  • Show profile image at real size when you click it from a tweet/dent
  • Branded new dialog for username autocomplete
  • Handle so much columns as the user wants
  • Ubuntu integration
  • Support for public timeline as column
  • Undo retweet
  • Implemented block and report as spam features
  • Evolved mute/unmute feature to filtering (based on expressions)
Ovviamente essendo una versione Alpha quindi aspettatevi qualche bug. Fra i bug noti da fixare abbiamo:
  • Notifications preferences still not working
  • Proxy support not implemented yet
  • After creating an account the updatebox doesn’t show the new account (you need to restart)
  • Column autoresize not implemented
  • Main window sometimes flicker when resizing
  • More resource consumption (around 50MB of RAM more than Turpial 1.6.9)
  • Every time you start the application you need to load your friends
  • Account dialog needs a extreme makeover
  • There is no way to follow users except through their profiles
Come sempre potete trovare trovare Turpial 2.0 Alpha nei repository di Turpial e il codice sorgente sul github repository. I manutentori dei pacchetit per le varie distro provvederanno invece ad aggiornare i repository per le principali distro.

Buoni tweet a tutti