Giunge finalmente il nuovo aggiornamento per Oxygen KDE, il popolare tema per Firefox che consente di avere una perfetta integrazione su KDE.
Oxygen KDE 3.8 porta con se la compatibilità con Firefox 11 e Firefox 12 (cosa gradita per me che uso Firefox 12).
Vediamo il changelog:



  • added compatibility with firefox 11.* and 12.*
  • updated folder icons
  • forward button will be hidden when is not necessary (first introduced in Firefox 10)
  • fixed solid backgroud style option
  • fixed menu buttons
  • all translations updated
  • fixed a bug related to the window text color
  • added a box shadow in scrollbars button in hover state
  • scrollbars buttons in disabled state now seem really disabled
  • buttons updated (active state)
  • "most viewed" menu icon changed
  • "open with.." dialog updated
  • back/forward buttons updated
  • speed dial group tabs updated (Air style)
  • window control buttons updated ( close , minimize , maximize , restore)
  • minor changes
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