Nuovo rilascio per DraftSight, l'unico (per ora) CAD 2D professionale e gratuito per ambiente GNU/Linux (ma è anche funzionante su Windows e MAC).
Questo nuovo rilascio non va a introdurre nessuna nuova funzione ma si concentra sulla correzione di bug di varia natura riscontrati nella precedente versione.
Ecco dunque il changelog di DraftSight V1R1.4

New Features

  • Quality release, no new functionalities added.

Resolved Issues

# Description
635073 Paper size is incorrect in this DXF and DWG file exported from SolidWorks. FILE SPECIFIC
633702 Instability when switching a group of entities to another layer 
633202 Model::GetCustomData() method throws an exception 
633085 ESnap: Using 'from' option to set relative coordinates as offset does not work properly 
633032 Included Dwg file is not longer displayed, drawing entities are not visible 
631751 Instability when trying to change the arrow style of a leader (if leader is attached to line) 
630678 Print cmd: Instability due to missing print properties for  
629409 When use the command Move in this drawing, the drawing moves incorectly and zooms out. 
629192 The height and the spacing of text changes automatically when the inclined text is copied, mirrored or moved. 
628856 Mac 10.6.8 Snow Leopard: Instability when export to PDF 
628783 Instability when edit leader property of this drawing. 
628315 Data loss when open these DWG files. FILE SPECIFIC
628125 Intersection ESnap mode is not honored when Intersection and Perpendicular mode is active 
627940 MAC OS Lion installation issues
627898 Entities whithin EGroup are not highlighted all anymore 
627688 Unable to insert table with insertion option set corners and selected row and column high/width 
627479 When Snap and Grid are on, dragging and moving the entity does not snap to a new location and snaps to its earlier position but with a shift. 
627431 Help: Traditional Chinese help document is wrong. 
627200 Cannot save file with CTRL+S,getting error while saving file. 
626682 Document.SaveAs(), Document.SaveAs2(), Document.Save() methods should return error if EDITCOMPONENT is running 
626635 dsCommandOptionString_e.dsCommandOptionString_SetDictFNm returns a "enu" value 
626197  EDITCOMPONENT cmd: Named Block that has an anonymous name too can't be edited in DraftSight 
626058 Ortho mode is temporary disabled when ETrack vector is active (FO 624621) 
625721 Executing a VB.NET program in VS 2005 creates only a Nil message in the command line. 
624981 When print to PDF, the lineweights differ. 
624757 ExportPDF does not consider the lineweight applied to the entities. 
624722 Instability when open/recover this Drawing. (FunctionDisplacement="0x17efd" FunctionName="CFxException::Install") 
624621 Ortho mode is temporary disabled when an ESnap is detected 
623574 DraftSight hangs opening the DWG files from customer. 
623115 F.O SPR 620624 MacOS: The confirmation mail from '' doesn't reach, and making actively is not completed. 
617983 Having problems with Uith Ubuntu installation 
617645 PRINT / EXPORTPDF: Poor quality of images (Logos) when print to pdf 
617123 Linux instability problem 
615558 German: Truncated reactivation window 
608769 Language' Command: DraftSight cannot recognize local command name for French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. 
603707 German: Cmd 'Abrunden'/ Trimmmodus does not work as expected short cut t gives back message shortcut should be tr 
596823 German: difference help -> command line 
592546  *LinuxOS* PRINT cmd: The print dialog on a screen resolution of 1024x768 is not displayed correctly on a machine with no printers installed 
581880 Exported PDF file size is huge by 82x 
578238 UTF DraftSight should support 3dconnexion (3D Mouse) as SpacePilot or SpaceExplorer
548624 PRINTSTAMP = On: selected fields are not printed 
544422 Paperspace page options like sheet size presentation 
538060 German: Tooltip of the command 'Skalieren /Scale' is wrong 

DraftSight V1R1.4 può essere scaricato al seguente indirizzo. Non sarà gradito dai puristi in quanto non è disponibile il codice sorgente ma è un buon compromesso per chi ha necessità di usare un software CAD in ambiente GNU/Linux e non vuole usare Wine.