Dal blog di Andrea Diamantini, autore di rekonq che ho avuto il piacere di intervistare qualche tempo fa, ecco arrivare l'annuncio della disponibilità della prima technologic preview di rekonq 0.9 (rekonq 0.8.71).
Vediamo dunque cosa c'è di nuovo in questa versione:

  • rewamped urlbar suggestions mechanism, trying to guess as soon as possible your typed site, but also showing all possible desired sites. I just blogged about here and here and I find it is a nice improvement :)
  • refactored User Agent code and UI.
  • sync support , with a full sync mechanism for passwords, bookmarks and history. sync handler for 0.9 will include just ftp sites (eg: remote owncloud installations), but several people is just working to provide in the next series a lot of alternatives (that are: mozilla sync, remote git repo, google bookmarks, WebDAV, Digg.)
  • web applications support. Why explain things when you have a video about?

    rekonq: new webkit settings
  • Rewamped webkit settings.
  • add “tabs” in the rekonq pages, given an easy way to manage tabs. Probably not the best mechanism, but easy and fast.
  • improves in download management and in the download page, showing when a file has been removed and when it really exists.
  • icons retrieving fixes, now really working for all sites (you probably have to clear your favicon cache for that)
  • Access keys, whose code has been imported from Arora and adjusted following konqueror’s implementation.
  • User session management. So finally rekonq will restart well on KDE session restore. 
Questa nuova versione sarà in test per un mesetto circa, quindi l'invito per tutti i tester è quello di provarla e trovare eventuali bug per fixarli prima del rilascio finale.
Ecco dove scaricare i pacchetti (da compilare) di rekonq 0.9 (0.8.71)