Nuovo rilascio per Plasma Network Manager, release che arriva a due mesi dalla precedente e che si concentra sopratutto sui bugfix.
Ma vediamo cosa c'è di nuovo in Plasma NM 0.8.99

291786: Do not use null pointer when updating WirelessInterfaceItem.
291798: Show APN string for the APN seleted by the user in Mobile Connection Wizard.
291122: Hide non-Internet APNs in Mobile Connection Wizard.
. Fix security type identification for wifi shared connections.
290715: fix certificate and key filenames with non-ASCII characters.
290684: fix crash when restarting NetworkManager.
. Small translation string changes.
. Add some checks to prevent crashes.
. Do not crash if no security type has been detected.
289856: Increase connection's row a bit.
. Fix password flags handling.
289812: support WPA ad-hoc wifi connections. Also allows to create WPA shared wifi connections.
289072: Ask for secrets only once per connection.
. Fix some spelling errors and add some more messages in main CMakeLists.txt.
. Abort cmake if no suitable NetworkManager headers are found.
288831: Fix WPA2 configuration dialog.
. Remove some unneeded files and code.
287794: Change mobile broadband (wwan) checkbox into a tristate checkbox.
285637: Change networkmanagement_configshell to inform errors through dialogs instead of console messages. That is important to make bluetooth tethering errors visible when using Bluedevil to launch networkmanagement_configshell.
. Try not to crash if NM does not respond to the AddConnection call.
287757: Fix crash when no NetworkManager backend is found.
268021: Disabling connected notification by default since now VPN connections can use system tray icon to indicate the connection activation state.
287002: Caches deviceUni and activatableType for RemoteActivatable class to prevent dbus calls from freezing the desktop.

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