Ed ecco arrivare finalmente la prima release candidate per LibreOffice 3.5.0
Vediamo quali sono i bug risolti in LibreOffice 3.5.0 RC1
  • 256x256 Windows icons fdo#39555 [Andras Timar]
  • add 256x256 desktop and MIME type icons bnc#722644 fdo#39555, bnc#722644 [Petr Mladek]
  • contination of 8a17792f2e5 (Handle/invalid column ID cleanup) fdo#44283 [Lionel Elie Mamane]
  • copy pivot tables when a sheet is copied. fdo#43077 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • defer formula token conversion for defined names (xls import). fdo#42624 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • do the same for BIFF5 and earlier. fdo#42624 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • drop attributes FRAME and RULES of for HTML 3.2 fdo#44616 [Takeshi Abe]
  • finally, remove data cache when nobody references it. fdo#43077 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • fix UpdateCheck clog up server by keeping connection alive rhbz#544619 [Thorsten Behrens]
  • fix prefix of command line switches (-- instead of -) fdo#40991 [Andras Timar]
  • fix rotation of shapes in imported MS documents fdo#43193 [Ivan Timofeev]
  • fix unfortunate name alias mixups with DejaVu fonts fdo#44078 [Caolán McNamara]
  • fixed crasher in dialog destructor fdo#38515 [Cédric Bosdonnat]
  • have cache instance keep track of who is referencing it. fdo#43077 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • implement RTF import progressbar fdo#38057 [Miklos Vajna]
  • improve RTF import of table cell spacings fdo#41034 [Miklos Vajna]
  • no need to update the source range when it's a named range. fdo#44661 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • now, refreshing a table should refresh all linked tables. fdo#43077 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • partial revert of "...template names appear... correct word order" fdo#43532 [Stephan Bergmann]
  • properly update range keys for pivot cache. fdo#44661 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • sheet 0 is selected by default. fdo#44147 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • text rotation fixes. bnc#734734 [Muthu Subramanian]
  • the "Open..." button's more room problem solved fdo#33794 [Tomcsik Bence]
  • vcl: isolate new attempt to count monitors as screens to gtk3 fdo#43458 [Michael Meeks]
  • vcl: second part of fix for - get xrandr / y positioning right fdo#43458 [Michael Meeks]
  • why not showing horizontal scrollbar when needed? fdo#30788 [Cédric Bosdonnat]
Ecco il link per il download di LibreOffice 3.5.0 RC1 http://www.libreoffice.org/download/pre-releases/ 

Ricordo a tutti che questa versione può essere installata parallelamente alla vostra versione stabile :)