Nuovo rilascio per Cinnamon, il fork di Gnome Shell, realizzato da Clement Lefebvre (aka "Clem") per Linux Mint 12 e che va a sostituire le MGSE. Se volete maggiori info ed una piccola prova sul campo potete leggere il mio precedente post Installare Cinnamon su Linux Mint 12 con prova su strada

Dicevamo, quest'oggi è stato rilasciato Cinnamon 1.1.3, vediamo cosa c'è di nuovo in questo corposo rilascio. 

Menu improvements:
  • The search entry isn’t cleared anymore when the menu is closed
  • Clearing the search entry now resets the search results
  • Context menu for applications and favorites to “Add to panel”, “Add to desktop”, “Add/Remove to/from favorites”
Panel Launchers improvements:
  • Custom launchers don’t appear in the menu anymore and are store separately
  • Application launchers can be added by right-clicking on apps in the menu and selecting “Add to panel”
  • The Panel Launchers applet refreshes automatically when launchers are added/removed
Visual improvements:
  • The space between panel applets was reduced to 4px
  • Improved menu look & feel (less margins, system buttons merged with favorites..etc)
  • Reduced overall font size to 9.5pt (we’re targeting PC users not mobile phones)
  • Windows in overview now feature icons for easier recognition
  • The notifications were moved a bit in order not to appear on top of window buttons when a window is maximized
  • Thumbnails from theme.json files in Gnome Shell themes are now used
  • Improved dialog for adding custom launchers
  • Panel Launchers now have tooltips
Network Manager Applet improvements:
  • Switching Ethernet off now actually disconnects the device
  • Switching Wireless off now actually disconnects the device
Bug fixes:
  • Critical: Cinnamon doesn’t crash anymore when a theme was unreadable due to permission problems
  • Themes: Themes in ~/.themes are now detected
  • Panel: New default size for status icons (fixes issue with Gnome Shell themes where an icon could get too big)
  • Window List: A bug which prevented LibreOffice applications from showing an icon was fixed
  • Dual Monitors: Fixed a bug which prevented the mouse pointer from moving from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor
New configuration options:
  • The menu text (“Menu”) is now configurable via gsettings (at “org.cinnamon menu-text”)
  • The panel can now auto-hide (this is turned OFF by default and available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon panel-autohide”)
  • The Overview Hot Corner can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon overview-corner-hover”)
  • The Overview Icon can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at “org.cinnamon overview-corner-visible”)

Gli utenti Mint troveranno l'aggiornamento aggiornando il sistema. Per Ubuntu potete usare i DEB messi a disposizione da Clem scaricando quello per la vostra architettura al seguente indirizzo