Giornata questa di rilasci. 
The Document Foundation ha da poco rilascio LibreOffice 3.3.1
Come si può leggere dal post dell'annuncio ufficiale questa nuova release introduce un nuovo set di icone, corregge alcuni bug e migliora la stabilità generale del programma.

Come sempre disponibile per GNU/Linux, Mac e Windows.
IMPORTANTE: In queste ore il server dove è ostato il sito da qualche problema, per bypassare il sito e scaricare direttamente LibreOffice usate questo link
LibreOffice 3.3.1 Final (2011-02-23)

This is the first update to the stable version of LibreOffice. It contains only safe code fixes and translation updates, and is considered safe for production use.
The following notes apply:
  • This release is bit-for-bit identical to the 3.3.1 Release Candidate 2, so you don't need to download or reinstall if you have that version already.
  • The distribution for Windows is an international build, so you can choose the user interface language that you prefer. Help content is available via an online service, or alternatively as a separate install.
  • For Windows users that have installed, we advise uninstalling that beforehand, because it registers the same file type associations.
  • If you run Windows 2000, you may require this update before being able to install LibreOffice.
  • If you run Linux, the GCJ Java variant has known issues with LibreOffice, we advise to e.g. use OpenJDK instead.
  • LibreOffice contains all the security fixes from in 3.3.0, and perhaps more as a side-effect of the code clean-ups.
There are a few non-critical issues still contained in this release, which will be addressed soon with upcoming bugfix versions:
  • If you install third-party extensions that bring their own help, you may only be able to view that after installing the separate helppacks on Windows.
  • On Windows, Python-based extensions cannot be registered with LibreOffice.
PS: se avete installato LibreOffice su Ubuntu e derivate tramite il ppa a breve riceverete l'aggiornamento :)
PPS: se ancora non l'avete fatto correte a leggere l'intervista che ho realizzato a Italo Vignoli su LibreOffice e la Document Foundation.