Buone notizie o cattive notizie, dipende da che lato della barricata state. 
Canonical e quindi Ubuntu non hanno nessuna intenzione di realizzare un fork per GNOME ma vogliono continuare sulla strada delle migliorie introdotte man mano. La notizia arriva per voce di Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager intervistato da http://derstandard.at durante la recente conferenza GNOME a GUADEC. 
derStandard.at: As you've mentioned the virtues of having variety when we talked earlier: Where does variety end and the fork starts?
Jono Bacon: Let me make that clear: Canonical and Ubuntu have no plans to fork GNOME. One of the nice things with open source is that you can fork but forking is something that you really don't want to do and so only do it in very, very rare situations.
With all the stuff we are doing, fundamentally we're swapping things in and out, for instance with notify-osd replacing the GNOME notification-daemon. To me the analogy is like buying a car and putting a different set of wheels on it - so it's still a car.
So sure it's a delicate situation but it's the same with Red Hat building GNOME Shell which is a completely different user experience to GNOME.
Jono Bacon risponde anche ad alcune domande su GNOME Shell e precisa che eventuali decisioni verranno prese al prossimo Ubuntu Developer Summit in Ottobre.

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