È finalmente giunta alla release 1.0 il set di icone AwOken di cui vi ho parlato alcuni post fa. Questa nuova release aggiunge numerose icone e corregge alcuni problemini riscontrati con la release precedente. 
Il changelog completo 
Version 1.0: added more than 400 icons!. Features:
  • added an option in the customization script to change most of the icons from colored to grayed (and vice versa)!!! it's still under test, so give me feedback about this
  • added token folder type!!
  • added entry in the customization script to change icons for dropbox, caffeine, liferea, cpu-frequency-applet
  • added the possibility to change all ooo icons from grayed to colored (through the customization script)
  • fixed issues with: new opera version icons, me-menu icons, ubuntu-software-center, pidgin icons customization script, XFCE support
  • applications added (or redrawed): pan, xchat, gtkpod, gpixpod, gpicview, timidity, ufraw, gmpc, netbeans, moovida, damnvid, cairo-dock, docky, twitux, ario, scribes,netbeans, jdownloader, wxmaxima, enroll, goldendict, stardict, gnome-do, angry IP scanner, claws mail, openshot, winff, secret maryo chronicles, battle for wesnoth, cover thumbnailer, usb-creator-gtk, aptdaemon, dictionary
  • added also: new weather icons, empathy & gwibber social icons (tell me if they work), mouse/phone/keyboard battery icons, brasero icons
Provatelo non ve ne pentirete.

(screen della variante con le nuove icone Token e il logo di Ubuntu)