Una cosa è certa: Opera è sia uno dei più veloci browser sulla piazza, sia uno dei browser con il team di sviluppo più veloce. Non è ancora stata rilasciata la versione finale di Opera 10.53 per ambiente Linux che già i ragazzi del team si sono messi all'opera per la prossima release. 
Signori e signori ecco a voi Opera 10.60 Alpha 1. Come dice il nome è per l'appunto un'alpha quindi per eventuali problemi e stabilità siete avvisati ma dalle mie prime impressioni il browser si comporta in maniera ottimale senza bug di sorta. Se siete interessati a provare questa nuova release ecco il link dove scaricarla (c'è anche il comodo pacchetto deb e quello rpm).
Ecco il changelog di versione (in lingua inglese)

Our Core team never rests, and we have noticeably increased Opera's performance once again. You should see performance improvements for both JavaScript, DOM and CSS.

UI improvements

In addition to the visual tweaks you have seen already, such as the Speed Dial facelift, we have also been making further UI enhancements. You will notice that the O menu button now says "Menu" for easy discovery, and instead of hard to read thumbnails for internal tabs, we have replaced them with icons. The tab hover previews have also received a facelift.

On Windows, we have disabled the Windows 7 taskbar previews by default, as they were causing frustration for people with a lot of open tabs. You can enable them from the Tabs sections of the Preferences dialog.


Following the major rewrite of the Opera Framework for 10.50, which replaced Carbon with Cocoa, we have gone back and removed as much Carbon code as possible. The few things that are left are loaded dynamically, which should improve performance.

Also for our Mac users, please note that Java only works if you have installed the very latest Java update on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. There is no Java support on Mac OS 10.4.


For Unix users, this obviously means that there will be no 10.5x version. However, we are aiming for synchronizing the 10.60 release across all platforms, and Unix will benefit from all the improvements since 10.5x.

Known issues
  • Icon replacements for internal pages are stretched in the tab hover previews
  • Webfonts are broken on Mac and Unix
  • CORE-30259 (Text selection lost (breaks Quick Quote on My Opera))